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of the Dark Warrior
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Welcome to our website, 'of the Dark Warrior Labradors'.

This is the website of Cor and Debby Scholtz. Available in both English and Dutch.



Onze heren

Glenlara Captain Rossi Blue

of the Dark Warrior

Kennel name

Duncan is the given name of our son.

One opinion is that the Gaelic Donnchadh is composed of the elements  donn  meaning "dark or dark-haired man" and  cath  meaning "battle".
together meaning
dark-haired or dark warrior.

of the Dark Warrior



Irislav First Lady

of the Dark Warrior


Cor and Debby Scholtz

   Lieskamp 19
       1991 DD Velserbroek
  +31 235259477
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of the Dark Warrior

Kynological knowledge

I started the course Kynological Knowledge part 1 in 2015.
In July 2016 I succeeded.

I then went on with Kynological Knowledge part 2.
In April 2017, my diploma was reached.

Currently I am working on the course Exteriors & Movement.

of the Dark Warrior


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of the Dark Warrior

In loving memory


Unfortunately, no longer with us.

of the Dark Warrior

Latest News

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    LKN clubmatch in Zeumeren:
    his first Excelent.
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    LKN clubmatch in Zeumeren
    her first Show. Excelent!
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  • Yellow December 3, 2014
    Winner 2014 Amsterdam:
    first place, Very Promising.
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  • Yellow November 14, 2014
    Dogshow Bleiswijk:
    Again, second place. VP.
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  • Yellow September 19, 2014
    LKN kampioenschapsclubmatch:
    second place, Very Promising.
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of the Dark Warrior